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Living on Vancouver Island allows me to spend my time sailing in the beautiful waters of Nanaimo BC and the Gulf Islands. Nanaimo has beautiful walking trails and bike trails along with countless other things to do on Vancouver Island and the neighboring Gulf Islands.

Ron Billings Nanaimo BC

Retired IT Systems Administrator.

I am a retired Computer Network Administrator, however I continue to keep current by actively playing with VPN's, servers and other Tech stuff.

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People ask me what I did as an IT guy. Email flow and security was my specialty (DMARC / SPF / DKIM / SPF / MX Records consulting). I was also a specialist in Firewall's, VPN's and Network Security.

Click this link to see the email security on my domain. Then enter your domain to see your security score.

Be sure to check out my youtube channel as well as my github repository. I currently also volunteer as Membership Director of the Van Isle Sailing Co-op located on Vancouver Island. Thinking of getting into sailing? Check us out at


As you can tell from my website.... I love the water. I used to Scuba Dive in the 1980's - 90's and then in 2010 I took a Sailing course and was bitten by the sailing bug and have been sailing ever since. I have sailing certifications from both ISPA (International Sail and Power Academy ) & ASA (American Sailing Association) Sailing organizations.

Years Sailed - ISPA & ASA Skipper Certification

Crew Lost Overboard Yes, she was rescued and survived to tell another tale!

Days Spent Sailing in the last year Retirement is Great!

Years Scuba Diving - Dive Master & Rescue Diver Certified


These are a few photos of the area where I live and play. Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands. The most beautiful place in Canada.

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  • Gabriola
Nanaimo Harbour
Gabriola Malaspina Galleries
Gabriola Degnen Bay
Sailing Southern Gulf Islands BC
Ganges Marina - SaltSpring Island
Ganges Marina - SaltSpring Island
Sailing Nanaimo Outer Harbour
Nanaimo Parks
Sugarloaf Mountain Nanaimo


If you wish to contact me this is how you can get in touch with me.

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Nanaimo, BC Canada

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(Handheld) SI # 831605254

Ron Billings

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